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What A Year!... What's Up Next?

The year of 2020 was very generous to us at the Kenosha County Food Bank. And so were all of you! Thank you for all the shows of support of the past. ...And stay tuned for an exciting 2021!

Read below some of the "Quick Hits" of 2020 and a list of KCFB's Ambitions for 2021.

● Formalized agreements with network;; Grace Welcome Center, Salvation Army of Kenosha County, Shalom Center, Sharing Center, Twin Lakes Food Pantry, Vivent Health, Women & Children’s Horizons.

● Since March, convened pantry operators weekly to create efficiencies and enhancements as a bridge.

● Secured over 125K in grants and private donations used to initiate operations and hire staff.

● Built relationships, established web presence, and created an email contact database to communicate community news and information directly with 300+ households and stakeholders.

● Purchased a 24-foot refrigerated box truck through State of WI and WI Hunger Relief Federation.

● Took advantage of federal emergency commodity programs by staging five large, public food distribution events that were funded by the USDA. In partnership with Gordon Food Service, local events were hosted by Carthage College, Kenosha County and Prime Industrial Contractors wherein KCFB distributed fresh and frozen products valued at 90K to more than 1800 families.

● Established KCFB Board of Directors and achieved 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit status by IRS.

● Coordinated distribution of large-scale food donations from area food processing companies.

● Investigated prospective warehousing space to locate operations.

Goals for 2021:

● Pending significant progress combatting COVID-19, launch a capital campaign for warehouse operations.

● Engage more deeply with—and integrate operations with food processors, food distributors and donors.

● Hire an Executive Director and grow membership of the Board of Directors with a commitment to equity and inclusion.

● Connect with and serve an expanding network of food pantries and programs.

● Establish shared metrics and standards of excellence for continual improvement in products, nutritional content and services.

Taken together, after years of measured, steady work under the surface of public view, KCFB has established strong footing in the region and has ambitious plans.

Very best to you, your loved ones, and in your pursuits of the coming months and years.

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