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Volunteers Packing Food


Volunteer Spotlight

Natalie Jaroch, Volunteer Marketing Manager is a recent graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Global Studies and a minor in Hunger Studies. 

"My time at Auburn allowed me to study abroad, explore my passions, excel academically but most importantly, help me gain real life experience in places like the Hunger Solutions Institute. I am excited to be back in the midwest and dedicate my career to helping others. Below is my “why” statement, which I believe, captures me and my passions perfectly: Nurturing and cultivating relationships by serving and leading others so that they may find their place and purpose."

N. Jaroch.jpg

Let’s Work Together

Our Committees are always looking for volunteers to help in the mission of KCFB.  Our committees are listed below and if you are interested, please submit your interest form to the right indicating which committee.

We look forward to bridging the food gap together!

Operations Committee

Funders and Finance Committee

Networking Services Committee

Interest Form

Thanks for submitting!

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