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Financial Contribution

The simplest way to make a financial contribution to KCFB is to click below to be guided through the payment process.  If you do not have an existing PayPal account--no worries, you won't need to set one up today.  However, you will need to proceed through the PayPal platform to enter your credit/debit card information. 

*Let us know if you have troubles.

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Food Donation

If you have a large, unplanned food donation that is best suited for a network of pantries, this is your opportunity! 

For smaller donations of few bags/boxes, please select a program from our participating pantries to support instead.  Pantries are best equipped to work through consumer sized portions whereas the food bank deals in industrial, pelleted donations.

Contact KCFB if you're not sure and we'll steer you clear.  

Thank You For Your Support!

Amazon Smile

Next time you go to make an Amazon purchase, go to and select Kenosha County Food Bank, Inc as your charity of support. 


When you shop at, Amazon donates 0.5% of your eligible purchases - at no cost to you.  Same Amazon, just this way Amazon helps you give back!

Happy Shopping!


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