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About Us


A food bank is the right fit for our growing county


We’ve seen our fellow Kenoshans lined up behind trucks, getting food of variable quality, often more than they can use. And we know not every pantry has the same access to food.


We can do better. We can ensure people have food fit for their families plus access to services to help them move forward in life.


KCFB is the hub that suppliers, farms, pantries and people depend on. We appeal to local leaders and visionaries to consider how well KCFB fits our communities’ increasing needs and help us grow.

Here in Kenosha, we care about each other. Sadly, approximately 1 in five children and young adults suffer from food insecurity. How can we make sure the most vulnerable children and adults in our county have reliable access to both healthy food and the services they desperately need?


We can accomplish both as we move to a better model of supporting and supplying our food pantries. That model exists today as the Kenosha County Food Bank, together with its partners.

KCFB Progress Report

KCFB Progress Report 2023 Year-End.png
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