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Farmers-to-Families Program, Uptown Tragedy & More..

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

....Everyone's Been Asking: When's the Next Food Box Distribution?

Good and Bad News--the USDA has approved another round of funding for the food boxes, however our local partner in Gordon Food Service will not be engaged in this contract. KCFB is looking into options and, basically, it's too soon to say what September-November will look like for events. Please 'Subscribe' to the website for the most up-to-date info. When we know more--so will you!

WHERE TO GO FOR HELP IN THE MEANTIME? You don't need to wait for a food distribution event to get the help you need!

Hearts Go Out To Kenosha's Uptown

Our neighbors and friends living and working in Kenosha's Uptown collectively experienced a severe fire yesterday to a historic building complex on 22nd Avenue/63rd Street. Our hearts are with the businesses and residents displaced by this tragic event.

Hearts Go Out to Uptown!

KCFB Board News:

KCFB's Board of Directors has committed itself to raising the funds needed to hire its first dedicated staff person (beyond the many awesome volunteers) in the coming months. This is great news as KCFB ramps up capacity to meet the rising emergency food needs during the pandemic.

How might you help us meet this goal?

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