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By Amy Macemon, Kenosha County UW Extension

As a FoodWIse nutrition educator and Healthy Communities Coordinator, I work to help make the healthy choice the easy choice for all people, especially those with limited resources. Often, people with limited resources are faulted for not making better health choices when really the issue is that those healthy choices are further away and more expensive than the processed foods found more closely at convenience stores or gas stations. If this dynamic piques your interest, Harmony Cox shares her personal journey in the article, “My Life as a Public Health Crisis” which highlights the obstacles many people facing poverty encounter and what a journey to health looks like.

If you’re interested in helping to positively influence our community's health, consider donating healthy foods to food pantries or even some of your home-grown produce if they’ll accept it! Right now, zucchinis, cucumber, beans, kohlrabi, beets, mixed greens and a variety of herbs are in abundance in many of our gardens.

Recipe Round Up

Outside of tomatoes, cucumbers have to be one of my favorite things to grow in the garden. Outside of eating them speared with a little salt or in an Italian-inspired salad, Tzatziki sauce is my favorite way to enjoy them. And it’s only a bonus if you have dill or mint growing right now too! Give this recipe a try with pita bread, crackers, veggie slices, fish such as salmon, grilled meats such as chicken or on a gyro.

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