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Peterson's Pumpkin Patch Raises Funds for KCFB

What started as a fun Fall activity transformed into an opportunity to give back to the Kenosha community.

Dr. Kris Peterson, of LP Chiropractic, started carving pumpkins for fun with his wife and a few neighbors in 2007. By 2011, Peterson's Pumpkin Patch developed quite a following. "One of my patients came up with the idea to turn this into a fundraiser," Peterson said. "It gave us an opportunity to give back to the community." Since its inception, the event has raised roughly $50,000 including $5,675 for Safe Harbor Humane Society in 2021 and $2,580 for Kindred Kitties in 2020. This year's charity of choice is Kenosha County Food Bank. "We're big animal lovers so we've typically donated to an animal-related charity, Peterson said. "A friend from the 100+ Women Who Care - Kenosha mentioned the great work KCFB is doing and we wanted to help." The event begins at dusk on Friday, Oct. 28, and runs through Tuesday, Nov. 1. with pumpkin carving kicking off on Sunday, Oct. 23. For additional information, visit Peterson's Pumpkin Patch.

This event is sponsored by LP Chiropractic, Jerry Smith, Cable Dentistry, Szulczewski Financial Group, Hot Shop Glass, Girl Glass, and State Farm Agent - Candida Soens-Francetic.

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