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Kenosha County Food Bank Set To Launch

Last week, our largest food pantry in Kenosha County hosted a ribbon-cutting of its relocated pantry facility that is now housed on the same site as its emergency shelter program.

Congratulations to Shalom Center’s leadership, staff and volunteers. The nearly 10,000 annual pantry users are sure to benefit from this achievement that looks to the future needs of emergency food services in Kenosha County.

Likewise, another significant achievement is being celebrated in March as the Kenosha County Food Bank Inc. Board of Directors will convene to incorporate a new nonprofit.

These leaders are similarly planning for the future of emergency food services in Kenosha County.

Let us explore how a food bank interacts with pantries and why everyone “wins” when there is innovation locally in the way food is sourced, stored and distributed across the County.

Food pantries serve food directly to clients in need of emergency relief. We know through our network of Kenosha County-based food pantries, these organizations reach 15,000-plus, unduplicated users annually. Pantries specialize in meeting client needs.

Food banks, however, specialize in meeting needs of organizations like pantries and meal programs. Banks are, for all intents and purposes, warehouses—serving as bridges from producers, wholesalers, distributors to local pantries and programs.

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