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KCFB Progress Report: Looking to 2022

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

For more than 5 years, Kenosha County Food Bank has been building traction to create an independent organization that will serve as a hub for emergency food distribution programs (pantries and meal programs). Read about our steady progress over years here.

2021 was a very crucial year in building leadership and operational capacity for KCFB.

1. Landmark contract with Racine County Food Bank: Grants KCFB access to RCFB warehouse space and staffing that now makes official the capacity to distribute products and maintain/acquire/store food banking equipment.

2. Critical partnership was forged through an agreement with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin: Aligns KCFB with a national brand and its agenda for achieving localized, comprehensive anti-hunger advocacy and research. This formalized contract with FAEW with KCFB will grow its capacity as a Re-Distribution Organization, serving an expanded network of four additional pantry programs (beyond the 7 served by KCFB) operating in Kenosha County currently.

3. Deploying strategic financial, fund-development and marketing capacity: Realizes the "in-house" capacity through recruitment of low-cost professional expertise in the functions of accounting, cost/cash-forecasting, grant-writing, and marketing/social media strategies.

4. Strengthening and expanding network of food programs: Continues relationship-building with existing food pantries and convening monthly local emergency service providers, fostering information sharing and inter-agency collaboration.

5. Growing board and volunteer leadership: Recruits, orients and optimizes new talent through key recruitment of four influential board members representing Kenosha County United Way, Good Foods Group, Gordon Food Service and RPM International. This broadens the scope of supply chain expertise, expands access to the highest quality donated food products, and positions KCFB in lockstep with the largest charitable organization in Kenosha County.

2022 is likewise a pivotal year for securing financial resources to acquire distinct warehousing facilities and equipment while implementing a staffing plan. This will be achieved through the planning and delivery of a community-driven capital campaign and enhanced grant-making efforts.

How can you/your organization fit in? Reach out to any of our board leadership to begin your engagement.

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