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Hundreds pick up food at last Food Bank distribution

The Kenosha County Food Bank’s last scheduled food distribution event was held Wednesday at the former Chase Bank at 63rd Street and 23rd Avenue. Food was distributed to anyone who came, regardless of need. Because of a large turnout and the event took place in a neighborhood, cars were routed into multiple lines that ended up funneling into one. Amy Greil, UW-Extension community development educator and Kenosha County Food Bank board president, was pleased with the turnout even though it wasn’t the largest of their distributions. “(The turnout is) comparable to the Carthage event,” Greil said. “The event at the (Kenosha County Center) was about double this. This is a little more complex because it’s in a neighborhood.” Those without cars were also able to pick food up food in a separate line for people who were on foot, allowing the event to be more accessible. Food distribution began just after 11 a.m. By 1 p.m., so much food had been given out already that they only needed to use one line of cars. The other events had run out of food at their scheduled closign time, but Wednesday’s ran ahead of schedule. Greil said the food distribution events were successful on multiple levels.

“People have been gracious and thankful for the quality of products they are being given,” Greil said. “We’re getting healthy products to families across the county. Success number two is that we are getting the name of the Kenosha County Food Bank out to the public. People have been very supportive of us and donating to us.” The food that was provided was bought from farms nationally in partnership with the USDA. Gordon Food Services has a contract with USDA, and they were paid to package the food. The food bank partnered with Gordon Food Services to distribute the food. Gordon Food Services worked with the food bank at each of the events. The distribution came at no cost to anyone participating in Wednesday’s event. The Kenosha County Food Bank is a nonprofit that was started in March with the goal to help stop food wastage and give excess to those in need.

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