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Board Member Spotlight - Minister Patrick Roberts

This month we are highlighting Minister Patrick Roberts, from First Baptist Church of Kenosha! Aside from KCFB’s Board, he serves on the board of the Milwaukee Christian Center and belongs to the coalition of CUSH (Congregations United to Serve Humanity) in the Kenosha community.

Minister Patrick’s favorite part of being on the Kenosha County Food Bank’s Board is learning from the diverse skill set and knowledge that members have.

Celebrating and engaging in Black History Month is very important to Minister Roberts. He said his favorite part is “learning about Black Americans who have accomplished things that have been unknown by most of society. Second, It is an opportunity for other ethnic groups to understand Black achievement.” Along with that, Black History Month gives an opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of Black Americans that have help move forward the overall progress of America.

When asked what the most important ways people engage in their communities during Black History Month? Minister Roberts answered that attending events that feature discussions concerning the Black experience and supporting Black businesses that will encourage progress are some of many ways to engage in your community.

Minister Robert’s shared that the best career advice he can give is “be accountable to yourself and others that will demonstrate stability, consistency, trustworthiness, and respect. Second always look presentable.”

When Minister Robert’s is not working or volunteering, he enjoys exercising, playing softball, and reading books on thinking, history, religion, society, and whatever else has a nice appealing book cover.

Three words that Minister Robert’s thinks best describe him are engaging, dependable, and humorous.

Thank you, Minister Roberts, for all you do for Kenosha County Food Bank and for our community. We appreciate you!

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