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Join In, Lean In and Learn at 2021 Hunger and Health Virtual Forum

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

The 2021 Hunger and Health Virtual Forum was hosted the week of October 18 and KCFB teamed up with the UW-Madison Division of Extension to bring a uniquely Kenosha perspective to a panel discussion for Day 4 of the conference. Amy Greil, an Extension educator and KCFB board member joined in a conversation about "A Connected and Empowered Food System."

The Wisconsin food system can provide the components of healthy, affordable meals to all. However, many of the pieces of the system are not optimally aligned for access. Join us for a discussion highlighting the work being done in local communities to align the links in the Wisconsin food system from growers to distributors to markets to people to ensure that all Wisconsinites have access to healthy, desirable, and delicious food.

Facilitator: Amy Meinen, University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Human Ecology, Center for Community and Non-Profit Studies and healthTIDE, hosted at the Center for Community Stewardship

Panelists: Jeff Joslyn, Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, Director of Food Resources Gary Besaw, Department of Agriculture and Food Systems, Director Shawn Bartholomew, Chippewa Valley Produce LLC, Farmer Amy Greil, Kenosha County Food Bank, Associate Professor in the Department of Community Resource Development with the University Wisconsin-Madison's Division of Extension

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