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Board Member Spotlight: Cameron Swallow

Meet Cameron Swallow!

Cameron Swallow moved to Kenosha from Tennessee in 2017 when her husband became president of Carthage College. A veteran school teacher, she now uses her classroom skills to facilitate depolarization workshops for Braver Angels and serves on the boards of several local non-profits.

Cameron is KCFB’s Secretary. Her role entails listening and taking notes during board meetings. It also involves executive committee meetings and conversations with community partners.

When asked what her favorite part about being on the KCFB Board is, Cameron said “being part of a community effort that is clearly helpful and clearly visible, and in which there is room for both strategic planning work and direct service work. I like both the “upstream” and the “downstream” aspects of problem-solving in the community.”

The best career advice Cameron has learned is to “Listen more than you talk. And I like to talk, so it’s made me concentrate more on listening in order to “earn” the right to talk.”

Cameron describes herself as welcoming, enthusiastic, and disorganized. When she is not working or volunteering, Cameron is playing music and singing with other people or reading a good novel.

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